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Best practice for debugging a service is to create an executable that can either run as a service or as a regular console application. A command line switch would indicate how the executable should start (in “service mode” or “console mode”). “You may also receive the same error using Filter Current Log in the Action menu with built-in views or logs. Built-in views and other features of Event Viewer should work as expected,” Microsoft notes. Security- You can identity security-related events such as resource access and log on attempts. Command Prompt will open and type More Info eventvwr and hit enter.

Either by entering the Boot menu or from the BIOS settings. HDD at the top of the boot order in BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), follow the above steps. However, if the HDD/boot disk is not at the top of the boot order, the computer tries to boot from another source, which results in an error message. Another reason for this startup problem is because the HDD/ boot disk is not at the top of the boot order. The system retrieves boot information and OS details by following a boot order.

  • Click View all problem reports to view all crash logs.
  • Maybe helpful for admins, until Microsoft fixes the bug.
  • Click on the first result, Troubleshooting, and the main window will pop up where you can start troubleshooting computer programs.

Press Win + R keys to open Run dialog box, type eventvwr, and then click OK button to open Event Viewer. A new window should open – click XML view, where you’ll be able to see the event’s GUID. We’ll try to find the event logging service in the registry based on this GUID. Not all events have this GUID, and we won’t be able to find every GUID in the registry.


They are removed once the folding provider comes back with ranges at the same location or by using the command Remove Manual Folding Ranges. For Linux users, due to issue #156397, the empty space in the title bar will not open a context menu. You must right-click on one of the items in the title bar that you would like to hide. For Windows users expecting the system context menu, the menu can still be triggered by right-clicking the VS Code icon in the top left corner of the window or by pressing Alt+Space. Mouse position is used to determine the behavior when triggering with Alt+Space, so the custom menu will appear if it sits on top of the title bar.

If some of those are already installed, choose “Repair” during installation process. Go to the start menu, type “services” into the search box and select first result. Occasionally, particular Windows updates fail to install. It can be quite annoying if the same update is offered again and again, especially when reboots are required.

In rare circumstances setting the BIOS back to defaults can fix the issue. You can usually get to the BIOS by pressing Del or F2 etc during boot. There should be an option to reset to defaults, look for an option similar to the one in the picture below. Failing that, you can remove the BIOS battery for a few minutes to reset. If you’re unable to access CMOS because it is password protected, you can easily reset it from Windows by using CMOS De-Animator.

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In addition to STOP codes, windows also provides valuable troubleshooting information in the Event Viewer. Event Viewer is available on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10. However, the process for accessing Event Viewer differs depending on your version.

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